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Barts and The London NHS Trust


Diagnostic Virology
Barts Health NHS Trust
3rd Floor
Pathology and Pharmacy Building
80 Newark Street
London E1 2ES

DX address: DX 6640602 TOWER HAMLETS 94E


0203 246 0364 (14 60364)
[email protected] (Barts Health only)



Diagnostic Virology at Barts Health NHS Trust provides a fully accredited service (CPA/ISO) for the timely diagnosis of viral infections and their clinical management. We are the HPA Lead Laboratory for London, providing Public Health testing and services for the capital.

Virology processes approximately 890,000 tests on 350,000 specimens annually and provides an extensive diagnostics service for the whole of the North East London Sector and beyond. Virology provides a full comprehensive range of diagnostic molecular, detection and serological assays in our state of the art Pathology building. Diagnostic results are augmented by clinical advice which is readily accessible both in and out of working hours.

We aim to be responsive to the needs of our users and in partnership with them have recently implemented a programme of development to introduce new methodology and systems. With these, we aim to improve the timely diagnosis of newly emerging and established infectious diseases. This is particularly significant in the areas of molecular diagnostics and automated serology.

The Laboratory is approved by the Health Professions Council, the Institute of Biomedical Science, and the Royal College of Pathologists to conduct staff training in accordance with statutory registration of Professional and Regulatory bodies.

The laboratory is also the Lead Public Health Laboratory for London and provides support for national and local outbreaks as well as Public Health advice.

Opening times: Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, Sat (limited service) 9am-5pm
On Call Biomedical Scientist: Mon-Fri 6pm to 8am, Sat/Sun 5pm to 9am
Air Call Pager: 07659 810479 (via RLH switchboard 0207 377 7000)
Daytime Duty Virology Consultant: Mon-Fri 09:00 to 17:00 out of hrs contact Virology/Microbiology Registrar (07715 038336)
Virology Specialist Registrar in Hours: Virology Registrar (09:00 to 17:00) 07715 038 333
Virology Specialist Registrar Out of Hours (D) Virology/Microbiology Registrar (Out of Hours) 020 3416 5000 (aircall)


Dr Zahir Babiker

Consultant Virologist

Dr Duncan Clark

Consultant Clinical Scientist and Honorary Senior Lecturer

Tony Oliver

Advanced Practitioner/Lead Biomedical Scientist

Xose CoutoParada

Laboratory Manager

Spiro Pereira

Laboratory Manager

Emily Kilpin

Laboratory Manager

Jacquie Coombes

Divisional Administrator

Professor Rick Holliman

PHE Lead Public Health Microbiologist

Dr Gee Yen Shin

PHE Consultant Virologist

Julie Johnson

PHE Head of Operations

Dr Derren Ready

PHE Lead Clinical Scientist