The Clinical Virology Network (CVN) consists of a linked and co-ordinated group of laboratories distributed in all major centres throughout the UK and Ireland. The aim of the CVN is to promote the interests of clinical virology, and its medical and laboratory practice in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The CVN provides evidence-based and practical virological advice on all aspects of viral infections; helps to establish and maintain the standards of practice amongst its membership and promotes a uniform approach to surveillance; a rapid and considered response to virological emergencies; centrally agreed protocols for the management of viral infections and best laboratory practice; an education and training resource and undertakes related activities.

The CVN has a rolling research and development programme and every 2 years awards a £60,000 grant which involves a project working with member laboratories.

Clinical Virology UK Network

The CVN arranges an annual conference, the conference programmes included plenary sessions with experts presenting work on specific virological topics, trainees presenting scientific papers as well as case histories and specialists presenting information on new diagnostic developments.

Clinical Virology UK Network

As part of continuing professional development, the clinical interpretation scheme called VIROQAS (virological questions and answers) is run on a quarterly basis. Some of the scenarios are peer reviewed and published in the Journal of Clinical Virology.

There is an active audit programme and the results of some of the clinical audits have been presented at national meetings. Members of the Network comprise Consultant Clinical Virologists in Specialist Virology Centres (SVCs) and Reference Laboratories together with those equivalent posts in Specialist Virology Units (SVUs); Consultant Clinical Scientists in Clinical Virology; state registered Healthcare Scientists working in Clinical Virology; and Specialty Trainees in clinical virology.

Membership includes 39 SVCs and SVUs and other several other specialists and relevant organisations. Retired members are encouraged to continue accessing the website.

The CVN has a number of collaborations and is represented in various professional groups as follows:

  • British Infection Association – Clinical Services Committee
  • The Royal College of Pathologists
  • British Society of Haematologists
  • Public Health England and the Healthcare Infection Society

The membership of the Executive Committee consists of the Chair, an elected Treasurer, an elected Secretary, three elected members each representing medical virologists, clinical scientists, and biomedical scientists respectively, the Royal College of Pathologists Chair of the Specialty Advisory Committee, the website coordinator, an elected academic virologist and a representative of the Corporate members of the Network.

Clinical Virology UK Network

CVN Executive

Matthew Donati


Catherine Moore


Stephen Winchester


Husam Osman


Sowsan Atabani