CVN Research Grants

CVN Research Grants

The CVN Executive invites bids for the 2017-2019 awards round.

Up to £40,000 is available for the 2 year research award and £5,000 each for two pump priming small research awards.

The over-riding consideration for the research grants awards panel will be that the research project should be demonstrably of value to clinical virology laboratories, and applicants will be asked to explain how their research will benefit the CVN.

Applicants must be members of the CVN, or belong to laboratories/organisations that are CVN members.

Applications should be sent to the CVN secretariat ([email protected]) to arrive no later than midday Friday December 16 2016.

All applications will be reviewed by the research grants awards panel and the award decision will be made by midday Friday January 20 2017.

CLINICAL VIROLOGY NETWORK RESEARCH GRANT APPLICATION (Download the following as a Word document from the CVN message board)

Your application should provide the following information:

  • Applicant Surname and Forename.
  • Position held.
  • Institution and Department.
  • Contact details: telephone, email, address of where the work will be carried out.
  • Title of project.
  • Abstract (Max 250 words).
  • Background (Max 1000 words).
  • Please detail the nature and importance of the research question(s) to be addressed.
  • Aims and objectives of proposed research project (max 400 words).
  • Plan of investigation (max 2000 words).
  • How will this research benefit the UK Clinical Virology Network? (Max 250 words)
  • Please describe the anticipated outcomes and outputs of the proposed research and the potential impact these will have on the practice of clinical virology within the UK.
  • Costs
  • Justification of costs (Max 500 words)
  • Ethical issues
  • What, if any, ethical issues would be involved in this study and what are the plans for handling those?