ESCV 2015

ESCV 2015

Dear CVN members, there is an ESCV meeting in Edinburgh this year.

Dates for the meeting is 9-12 September.


  • Mario Poljak (Ljubljana, Slovenia) Vaccination against HPV
  • Daniela Huzly (Freiburg, Germany) Congenital infections
  • Marion Koopmans (Rotterdam, Netherlands) Hospital acquired viral infections
  • Mariet Feltkamp (Leiden, Netherlands) Polyomaviruses immunocompromised hosts
  • Rob Schuurman (Utrecht, Netherlands) Antivirals-2015 update
  • Fred Hayden (Charlottesville, USA) Ebola therapeutics and vaccine update
  • Maria Paz Sanchez-Seco (Madrid, Spain) Ebola-virology and public health aspects
  • Olli Ruuskanen (Turku, Finland) Viral respiratory infections
  • Maria Söderlund-Venermo (Helsinki, Finland) Newly identified small DNA viruses
  • Thea Fisher (Copenhagen, Denmark) Enteroviruses
  • Carl Wittwer (Utah, USA) Virology testing past, present, future
  • Paul Heath (London, UK) Controversies in neonatal viral management
  • Mark Zuckerman (London, UK) Interactive clinical case
  • Matt Donati ( Bristol, UK ) Interactive clinical case
  • Husam Osman (Birmingham, UK) Interactive clinical case
  • Will Irving (Nottingham, UK) Interactive clinical case
  • Wendy Barclay (London, UK) Influenza pathogenesis

Registration and Abstract submission are open

  • 31st May 2015: Abstract Submission Closes
  • 1st July 2015: Notification of Abstracts Accepted
  • 31st July 2015: Reduced Rate Registration Closes


The Assembly Rooms
54 George Street Edinburgh
United Kingdom